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It’s the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock!

It seems almost impossible that the original festival will be 50 in August.  If it seems like a lifetime ago, that’s because it is.  Many of those who were there have sadly left us, but the spirit of what this gathering meant lives on.

We have decided to make available a limited run of some things that have been on our own fantasy wish lists for a long time.   Many of us who were unable to attend have tried to recapture some of the feel of that weekend by attending other events and seeing some of the performers at other venues, but nothing has scratched that itch.  Let’s face it, without Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin alone, nothing will measure up quite the same.  That is why we have decided to recreate some memorabilia that we wish could have been real.

If you have ever chased an autograph, you know how frustrating it can be.  When your five-hour stint in the pouring rain, standing outside the artist’s venue while your 8×10 gets soggier by the minute, finally ends with you being lucky enough to get your autograph, you rush to your car.  You get in to dry off and to examine your hard-fought autograph.  Excitement turns to annoyance before turning to downright disappointment as you find more of a chicken scratch than an autograph and placed in the exact worst place on the entire photograph.  Not so with our poster.

You were not allowed to collect autographs at the venue, so having something signed by all of the artists is simply a fantasy.  Well we have created just that; a fantasy Woodstock poster.  Over 80 hours of work has gone into making something we are all proud to display in our homes and something that never fails to start a conversation.

We have re-imagined the original red Woodstock poster (you know, the one with the bird and guitar neck), making just enough changes to the original design that it is now our own, but not enough to be noticeable unless you are an expert.  Then we scoured every source we could find to locate autographs of all of the band members of each of the bands.  Granted, we were unsuccessful at finding everyone, but it is certainly a treasure to have, regardless of whether it has the autograph of the guy who played the bongos or not.  We have painstakingly recreated each signature, having perused many different autographs by the same artist to find one that is clear, iconic, representative of the artist, and representative of the time (many artists have changed their signature over time).  So without further ado, we offer the Ultimate Woodstock Fantasy Poster with over 100 signatures, spread out all over the poster so that there is very little overlap, with enough variety in ink colour and pen width that it truly looks like you had it signed by all of the artists.  A truly unique item, offered as a fine art poster framed and unframed with the potential for t-shirts, beach towels and more.

Check them out by clicking framed or unframed now!

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