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The current project study – The I.T. Crowd

At the behest of friends who are interested in seeing cult TV and film memorabilia beyond an image and the title of the show on an item, I have decided to try project studies. This means a topic will be chosen and during the study period, iconic images, quotes, moments or other memorabilia that people might be interested in displaying will be created. Hopefully, these things will not only be unique, but will also give people a chance to own something more the way they want it.

What does that mean? Well let’s use the current study theme, the iconic cult Channel 4 sitcom, The I.T. Crowd. Maybe you are happy with a t-shirt that simply says, “The I.T. Crowd” on it. Maybe though, you wish someone had recreated the “Made in Britain” fire extinguisher label, but done so in a way that it incorporates the quote given by Moss.

In case you are unfamiliar, the scene is, a fire breaks out and when Moss goes to use the fire extinguisher, it catches on fire itself. He calmly asks, “Why’s it done that?” as he inspects the canister his attention is drawn to the label which reads, “Made in Britain,” to which he dons an understanding face as he evidently believes anything made in Britain is doomed to fail to function. A funny scene right?

Maybe you want your shirt to have the quote.
Or maybe you just want the label itself.

I will do my best to add both, or in general, add as many options as I can think of, so that their is a better chance your unique style will show through via the selection you make.

I cannot give a time frame for each study, as I will continue until I feel I have explored the topic fully and am willing to move on. Obviously, this does not mean I will not revisit it, so if you are a subscriber, please feel free to contact me with suggestions you would like to see.

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