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New…New Moss Phrase Mug

Moss Quotes Mug handle left 15oz
Moss Quotes Mug front 15oz
Moss Quotes Mug handle right 15oz
Moss Quotes Mug full design view 15oz

And yet again, after mock-up images, uploaded to Instagram, I keep going back to this design and wanting to add more.  The overall design did not seem quite balanced enough, so I emphasized the word "first" a little more, I changed "sweet style" to be negative text to bring the eye over to that portion of the design more and I honestly found that I had left out the emergency services can you have a Moss Quotes Mug without the emergency services number on it!?.  Maybe it is I who needs to put on their slightly larger glasses.  Either way, I really need to stop fiddling with it, so on to the Jen Quotes Mug.

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