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More for the Japanese Collection

Several irons in the fire currently.  We are still working on the Coffee Collection and the Japanese Collection, but felt we needed a boost to the Japanese Collection beyond just the dragon (which is coming along nicely, by the way), so we decided on something a bit more whimsical and light-hearted.  We decided on "Need My Noods" with a bowl of noodles and some chopsticks.


Anyone who knows someone who lives in Asia, eats Ramen, or simply loves noodles will probably get a kick out of this design.  It should be ready soon, but the dilemma right now is, most bowls like this have some design on them and putting a design on this one would take away from the chopstick design and the noodles themselves. so we are debating that as we continue adding the proper amount of noodles.

Look for it to be available soon.

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